The Covenant of the Rose

Cover Der Bund der Rose

This book encompasses the collection of present-day words of Biblical Prophets, Jesus Christ, John the Baptist, and other supreme beings, like Francis of Assisi and Hildegard of Bingen. Once again, they all speak up, heralding the impending turn in time. Loving care and assistance for the approaching days of transformation is their intention, not sensation . They are clear and rousing words, granting deep insight into the how and why of this incomprehensible occurrence.

The grand being John the Baptist is the centre of all these prophesies. Like revealed by God, the Baptist is the return of Elijah at the end of the days. This book is no easy reading for those dreaming of a steady terrestrial deliverance. On the contrary, the book is set against the manifold esoteric delusions, leading men away from the true teaching of Christ.

Author: Winberg, Walo

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