John the Baptist

Cover Johannes der Täufer
der Autor Hans Bernd Altinger
Author Hans Bernd Altinger about the book:
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His True Life and Work – His Return

John the Baptist undoubtedly is the most cryptic person in the New Testament. A biblical figure not fitting any pattern, un-paralleled in the many thousands of years of religious history. Also his manifold predicted return is mysteriously veiled.

A fascinating book on life and death of the forerunner of Christ, his teaching and his mission. No previous researcher and biographer has equalled Hans Bernd Altinger in establishing such a comprehensively concise study on the genious of John the Baptist, showing-up the mysterious way of the Baptist. Scrutinizing all the sources, the author succeeds in explaining this enigmatical character and his opus. Many of the fiercely contested theses (at the time the book was published) were proven true, like the location of the baptism site in what is now the State of Jordan.

A senational biography, in which religious and contemporary historical backgrounds are flagged up: Like, e.g., the significance of the Qumram-Essenes and their relations with John the Baptist and Jesus Christ.

Author: Altinger, Hans Bernd

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