… that I preserve you from the Judgement of the Lord

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John the Baptist finishes his Mission – His Teaching to Mankind

The author sympathetically fitted the spiritual treasure of the present word of John the Baptist, structuring it into 43 topical areas. For example:

Divine Creation and the Principle of Satan, Karma and Reincarnation, Experience of Suffering, Healing and Salvation

These and many other subjetcs are explained quite differently from those interpretations we are acquainted with by the adulterated esoteric doctrines of present-day self-proclaimed masters and gurus. The words of John the Baptist illustrate the many wrong tracks and errors, that are now trying men in the name of human love and healing, alienating them from God.
The Baptist clearly tells men what they truly conform with, what they are aiming at, and how – thereby – they reject the Spirit of Christ.
Also this book challenges the spirit of our time.

Author: Valentin, Ursula

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