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The book covers were fashioned by Gertraud Berger. Further information about the artist can be found here:

Cover Johannes der Täufer
John the Baptist
His True Life and Work – His Return
Hans Bernd Altinger

After years of intensive research the author wrote a remarkable book about John the Baptist. By far more comprehensive than ordinary biographies, it also comprises the archaeological, historical, and theological spectrum. The book convinces with new insights concerning Jesus Christ, Early Christianity, and the Qumran Essenes…. learn more

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… that I Preserve you from the Judgement of the Lord
John the Baptist finishes his Mission – His Teaching to Mankind
Ursula Valentin

Since the nineteen-eighties high-ranking spiritual master souls trained a man so that he would become able to take in the spirit of John the Baptist. After a period of loving, yet, purposeful guidance, he received the word of John the Baptist. A long, thorny way of maturing followed… learn more

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Cover auf dass ich euch bewahre...
Cover Der Bund der Rose
The Covenant of the Rose
Judgement Day and Salvation Highlighted by New Words of the Prophets
Walo Winberg

This book encompasses the collection of present-day words of Biblical Prophets, Jesus Christ, John the Baptist, and other supreme beings like Francis of Assisi and Hildegard of Bingen. Once again, they all speak up to herald the impending turn in time. Loving care and assistance for the approaching days of transformation is their intention, not sensation… learn more

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