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Author Hans Bernd Altinger

“More than a Forerunner"

… How do you imagine the return of John the Baptist which you describe in your book?

„John the Baptist and Jesus have to be seen as a unity. The renewed appearance of Christ will be preceded by the return of John the Baptist, just like 2000 years ago. He will point out the consequences to us, of not turning away from matter back towards the true values of life. Yet, only with difficulties will men recognize the return of the Baptist, he will be exposed to contempt and persecution. The mode of his appearance is a difficult topic. According to a much heeded-to prophesy he has already been born as well as the antichrist.”

... Can >John the Baptist< become a bestseller?

„That would be nice. But a book in this field only becomes a bestseller when the Church and the Vatican are being assaulted. This I do not do, and therefore the book will probably not be tumultuous enough for the majority of readers. A greater part of the publishers was merely interested in the second part containing the prophesies, some few other ones only in the historic-biblical research. But exactly the connection between then and the future is of importance to me. Therefore I am surprised that already in October, even before the official presentation of the book on the Frankfurt Book Fair, already 1000 copies habe been sold. There are also aready some applications for readings.” ...

15. Okt. 1996

A Book on New Words of the Prophets

“The Convenant of the Rose“ by Walo Winberg, POSS-Verlag

The Book is Deeply Christian

„For me they describe the shortest way back to the root of the Eternal and True Spirit, and to the Essence of the Message of Jesus Christ. Let us have the courage to leave trodden paths and enter new ones.”

“The above book is a deeply Christian book. At no time did the prophetic word dry up. Since the Prophets of the Old Testament speak again, this helps us to give thought to what the Bible conveys to us, and to what extent we have comprehended the biblical message.

Spiritual Messages

A Book on New Words of the Prophets

“The Covenant of the Rose“ by Walo Winberg, POSS-Verlag


OVB: 25/26 March 2000

Prophetic Messages are of Present-Day Concern, even Today

Concerning “Spiritual Messages“ in the “Kurteil“:

The messages of the Baptist are as much of present-day interest as they were 2000 years ago. Whoever takes the trouble to carefully read the Bible, will discern that the words of the Baptist and of the prophets in the book “The Covenant of the Rose” fit together like mosaic pebbles with the writings of the Bible, and sometimes even are congruent. It merely is remark-able that the words of the Bible are being accepted, whereas the words of the above book are being doubted. I, myself, consider this book to be very valuable and recommendable.


OVB: 08../09 April 2000

Not only Superficially

Regarding the book-review “Spiritual Messages“ in the “Kurteil”:

In my opinion this book is a treasure. It presents the life and work of John the Baptist, of Jesus Christ, and of the Prophets of the Old Testament clearly arranged. I was deeply moved by that part in which Walo Winberg describes the background and the significance of the return of John the Baptist. Many clear hints point to it that John the Baptist will now bring to an end the work he begann 2000 years ago with Jesus Christ through his “tenant”, together with the help of the prophets. Furthermore spiritual words of John the Baptist and of the Prophets of Israel are printed. For me they are not only an “expectation of salvation”, but a returned “cheering news” for today’s men, who are enslaved in materialism and self-love. I recommend this book to everyone, who does not only think superficially about this world.”

Lothar Baader




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