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Valentin, Ursula
... that I Preserve you from the Judgement of the Lord

A short introduction:

Since the nineteen-eighties high-ranking spiritual master souls trained a man so that he would become able to take in the spirit of John the Baptist. After a period of loving, yet, purposeful guidance, he received the word of John the Baptist. A long, thorny way of maturing followed. Only after its completion, he learnt of John the Baptist’s mandate to him: "herald my word, for men shall be prepared for the Spirit of the Omnipotence. The time is fulfilling itself, in which the Lord will turn the fortune of the earth’s round. I am His last messenger, the precursor of His power. I shall make even the mountains and uplift the valleys for the return of Christ."

So spirit and voice of John the Baptist entered into a man whom he calls "tenant, spirit-body". For several years this tenant has been teaching and speaking the Word of John to men.

With much dedication the authoress succeeded in compiling this spiritual treasure of words and in structuring it into 40 topics. Just to name a few: divine creation and the principle of Satan, karma and rebirth, experience of affliction, salvation and redemption. We learn of quite a different significance, than that commonly transmitted to us through the watered-down, esoteric doctrines of salvation of the present-day masters and gurus. The words of John the Baptist also throw light on the many false ways and teachings which, in the name of human love and salvation, attempt to lead today’s men away from God. John clearly points out to men, where they are standing in truth, which objects they pay homage to, and how they, thus, humiliate the Spirit of God.




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