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Hans Bernd Altinger

John The Baptist
His True Life and Work - His Return

Short Introduction:

After years of intensive research the author wrote a remarkable book about John the Baptist. By far more comprehensive than ordinary biographies, it also comprises the archaeological, historical, and theological spectrum (point of view). The book convinces with new insights concerning Jesus Christ, Early Christianity, and the Qumran Essenes. The author diligently portrays the figure of John the Baptist, who has not been meet with the respect due to him, hitherto. Some scientific findings, that occurred later (in chronology), like, e.g., the exact description of the baptism site of Jesus Christ, can already be found in this book.

This book is a journey into the past. Nonetheless, it bridges with the present and the future. In it the hidden truth of the return of John the Baptist as the last prophet before the end of time is openly discussed and proved.

Who was this ascetic, preacher, and popular hero really? How did he live? What were the reasons leading to his captivity and beheading by Herod? What were the personal and religious-social connections between Jesus and John the Baptist? Did they both belong to the mysterious White Brotherhood of the Essenes, or was the Baptist even the teacher of Jesus Christ?

H.B. Altinger follows up these, and also other highly relevant questions, and clearly answers them on the basis of documents and sources up to now not heeded to. But he found even more: messages and prophesies from old as well as present days, foretelling a return of John the Baptist in the near future. So this book is a journey into the past and, at the same time, the key to the understanding of our near future. This book is an ovation to the grand figure of John the Baptist, his mission at the time of Jesus Christ, and impressively points to his great significance for our future.





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